Welcome to Pond People llc. We are happy to offer pond and water feature service and maintenance to the greater Windsor area and Northern Colorado. Now is the time for Spring Cleaning. Let us get your pond up and running for the season. Check out our services page and call us to work out a service plan that's right for you.

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Spring Cleaning

The warm weather of Spring is a hint that it's time to get your pond ready for the season. Spring cleanouts stimulate your pond's beneficial bacteria and help balance your ponds natural ecosystem by removing old organic sludge and reviving the plant life.  Our technicians will get your pond ready for summer and ready for you to enjoy.

This process includes: Safely removing and storing fish. Spray down walls and remove any sludge and muck. Get pump running and clean out filters. Back flush pressurized filters. Divide, repot, remove and fertilize needed pond plants. Make any repairs necessary. Acclimate the fish to the new water.

Emergency Repair & Service Calls!

Sometimes things can go wrong. A pump can fail, or a leak can form that can ruin your pond. We offer emergency assistance to get your pond back up and running. Please let us know as much information as possible so we can bring the appropriate equipment with us. Call 970-371-3151 the check our availability or schedule an appointment.